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Are you a singer / songwriter, artist that has songs or ideas, and don’t know where to go next with them?

Believes in their talent – but not sure about their abilities and lacks confidence?

Feels alone with no support in their choice of wanting to pursue a career in music?

Not sure of their musical direction?

Wanting to do music full time as a career?

Would need some guidance?

Vocal Lesson / Performance?


Look / Image?

These are just a handful of frequently asked questions, that will relate to MOST singers and artists out there.

These are fundamental questions that can be addressed and answered. These are the questions or situations that can dampen your beliefs. Music is important to us as musicians, but state of mind and the right approach is just as important too!

Jampact Recordings can help you to help yourself address these issues. As so to move forward with your career in music with more confidence.

It is so vital to listen and have an understanding of where the singer / artist is coming from and would like to go.


Jampact Recordings will provide you with high quality…

Recordings & Productions

Mixing / Mastering

Bespoke Music / Songs

Artist Development / Consultation



A well-mixed record is one of the most vital elements for a pro level hit song. Which will involve using an EQ, Compressor, Reverb, Delays and a few other industry standard tools to bring your song to life.

Add that ‘Polish, Punch and Weight’ to ensure the music produced has the ability to stand up with today’s sound and music. Ready for release, and I will endeavour to take your songs to the next level.

Online mixing is also available for you to send your stems over. So you don’t even have to be in the UK to take advantage of the service and expertise available. You can just upload your finished parts in the format WAV or AIFF, and the mixing will be done and the finished track will be returned to you.

Mastering is the final process in the chain after the mixing, it is essential for any song or track which will make the song sound big, full, wide and loud. To match the volume level and dynamic range of any other commercial releases. I can also remix a song you have recorded previously, which is always a good option to have, for the clubs / DJ’s or to suit a specific music genre or radio format.


Whether it is recording a single vocal, creating social media content, composing music for release, Tv or Film, all will be approached and delivered with the same high standard required to compete with today’s music and sound.

It’s important to understand the artist to help deliver the best recording possible and achieve outstanding results.

Are you a songwriter or artist wanting to write to a professionally produced track?

Or you may have a song or track that you have started and not finished, but not sure how to take it to the next level.

I can provide you with a high-quality production for your lyrics and melodies, turning your initial song idea into a finished production and potential hit song.

I can also record and mix a vocal on a backing track for a cover which will be great for social media use and to showcase your voice / versatility.

Production is not all about the music, it’s also ‘The Vision of the Artist’





Is all a part of the Production Service offered.


Here are a few of our recordings / productions made with our clients…

Covers – ( to showcase the artists vocals )  , which will can be used for there Social Media  Youtube , Artist Website , Instagram etc etc

Productions – Original songs & vocals recorded  / mixed / mastered ready for promotion & general release.

Production Music – Music or Soundscapes for TV , Radio / Film